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World Revolutionary solutions to control the spread of Coronavirus.

Combined active hand & surface sanitiser


What is XtraSAN



PPE XtraSAN ACTIVE SANITISER is a complex polymeric biocide in a ready to use solution providing rapid and ongoing antibacterial and antiviral action on treated surfaces and hands. Attacking protein and lipid structures, including those encapsulating envelope viruses such as Coronvaisrus PPE XtraSAN has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses on hard and nonporous surfaces.

Protective & Active on people & surfaces up to 7 days

Key Benefits

  • Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses.

  • Proven superior performance over alcohol based sanitising products.

  • Effective against C. diff, unlike alcohol based hand sanitiser.

  • Leaves a highly active residual dry film on skin and surfaces

  • Biofilm disrupting capability:

  • Increased effectiveness with repeated use.

  • 100% alcohol, chlorine, bleach and SLS Free.

  • Non-hazardous – Child & Pet Safe

  • Non flammable.

  • Fragrance free

  • Doesn’t dry out, irritate or damage the integrity or pH level of the skin.

  • Suitable for all skin types, and is capable of actively moisturising.

  • Not tested on animals and vegan friendly.

  • Does not promote superbug resistance.


Kills 99.9999% of

Viruses & Bacteria


Non-Toxic, Non-Irritant,



100% Alcohol Free




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PPE XtraSAN provide revolutionary
combined ACTIVE hand & surface
sanitising protection solutions to
control the spread of Coronavirus.